Fluoview FV1000

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Olympus has added laser sharing and dual port selected ion monitoring (SIM) scanning capabilities to two versions of its Fluoview FV1000 laser scanning microscope, the confocal and the MPE multiphoton.

The dual port SIM feature sees the addition of a second laser port allowing researchers to use IR and visible light simultaneously for stimulation experiments. In addition, both lasers can be used alternately for multi-point scanning applications.

The laser sharing system allows the same IR laser to be operated on two MPE systems. As a result researchers can carry-out a range of applications, linking multiple multiphoton systems based on inverted or upright microscopes.

The MPE product has a further four versions, basic, stimulation system, twin and multiphoton exclusive system. Designed for the deep imaging of live and thick slice samples all four versions use IR femtosecond pulsed lasers and non-descanned detectors.

The multiphoton exclusive system is for deeper imaging with minimum complexity; basic uses a visible laser for confocal and multiphoton deep imaging; stimulation has two laser scanner sets for confocal and simultaneous stimulation using multiphoton absorption; and twin has a SIM scanner for an independently controlled, integrated second IR laser for simultaneous multiphoton imaging and laser manipulation.