MolTech has introduced improved versions of its refractive Focal-πShaper (Focal-piShaper) system, giving more freedom in manipulation of the intensity profile of focused beams. The Focal-πShaper converts efficiently converts a Gaussian laser beam into a beam whose shape is optimised to create a flat-top, doughnut, reverse Gaussian, or other intensity profiles near the focal plane of a focusing lens installed after the Focal-πShaper. The company states that beam profiles of this kind allow the efficiency of laser energy utilisation to be increased, while reducing heat affected zone, maintaining steep edges, and achieving consistent kerfs.

The system is compact, easily adjustable, and integration with existing equipment is simple. It works with scanning heads and F-theta lenses. The company supplies a variety of models for near-IR, visible, and UV wavelengths, as well as for CO2 lasers. The Focal-πShaper suitable for applications in laser marking, scribing, dicing, micromachining, photovoltaics, drilling, controlled laser heating and many other applications.