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High damage threshold laser power/energy sensors

MKS Instruments has introduced a new line of high damage threshold laser power/energy sensors designed for CW lasers with high power densities, as well as for pulse lasers.

The Ophir 1000W-LP2-34, L1500W-LP2-50, 5000W-LP2-50, and FL600A-LP2-65 feature a new LP2 coating that provides a damage threshold of 10kW/cm2 at 1kW power. The coating also reduces reflection – absorbs 95 per cent at most wavelengths and is totally spectrally flat ±1 per cent from 0.2 to 1.1µm.

The Ophir LP2 sensors cover a wide spectral range, from 0.35–2.2µm.

The LP2 coating offers very high absorption, which reduces dangerous and often harmful back reflection. The coating also provides very low dependence on beam angle, allowing the sensors to measure divergent high power lasers, such as diode laser bars, as well as collimated beams.

The 1000W-LP2-34 sensor is designed so that the only materials in contact with the cooling water are either copper or nonmetallic. This eliminates the possibility of contaminating the water or corroding the sensor, improving the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.

All Ophir thermal sensors feature a ‘Smart Connector’ interface that operates with the company's StarBright, Vega, Nova II, and StarLite smart displays, and Juno compact USB PC interface.


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