IDRaman micro

Ocean Optics has released the IDRaman micro, a compact microscope designed for Raman measurements in research, quality control and quality assurance.

The OneFocus feature uses the same focal plane for collecting images and Raman signals. By focusing for optimal Raman sampling while viewing a quality image of the sample, it simplifies the process of acquiring data from a specific location on a sample. 

The device is available with either a 532nm or a 785nm laser and offers the option for a high-resolution detector with 4 wavenumber resolution acquiring data from 200-2000 wavenumbers, or a wide-range system with 8 wavenumber resolution acquiring data from 200-3,200 wavenumbers. Its 3-megapixel imager collects images using epi-illumination techniques and its interchangeable objectives allow users to adjust spot size and optical magnification.

IDRaman micro has a compact footprint at 36 x 10 x 28cm and weighs 5.4kg. The design makes it possible to measure samples in cuvettes and from the sides of vials.