IR-BLOC ambient light sensors

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IR-BLOC ambient light sensors from PerkinElmer offer the IR blocking feature fully incorporated in a low cost plastic epoxy package.

IR-BLOC silicon photodiodes give excellent output current linearity and a very good photonic response, with a spectral response similar to that of the human eye and a photocell. PerkinElmer has fully incorporated the IR-blocking feature into a low cost cast epoxy. The devices offer a RoHS compliant, Cadmium free alternative to photocells. Features include low dark current and low junction capacitance. Samples are available now in standard, flat T-1 ¾ end looking package from Pacer International.

The IR-BLOC family is ideal for applications where response should only be influenced by visible light, such as street light switching, dusk/dawn switches, display contrast control, automotive headlight dimming or colourimeters.