JK500FL fibre laser

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JK Lasers' (part of the GSI group) new JK500FL fibre laser offers 500W of CW output with single mode beam quality and the company's patented back-reflection protection. The company states that these features will enable manufacturers to process a range of materials with high accuracy at high speeds.

The JK500FL is well suited to metal cutting applications in which the workpiece is up to 3mm thick, where it offers high cutting speeds with a good cut quality. The company estimates that 80 per cent of cutting applications fit into this category.

Similarly to the other products in the JK FL range, the 500W fibre laser will require minimal maintenance and will be supplied in a water-cooled, rack-mounted format, providing enhanced efficiency in the workplace. The modular system is compatible with the standard range of JK fibre laser tools for cutting and welding, including the popular scan head system.

This product will be available as of May 2011.