Lambda UV/Vis

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PerkinElmer has made choosing the right Lambda UV/Vis spectrophotometer simpler by providing application-specific systems and associated technical information online. The Lambda 25/35/45 systems come with an extensive suite of Instrument Performance Verification (IPV) tests to confirm the high quality performance over the lifetime of the system. For regulated industries, the Enhanced Security (ES) version of UV WinLab integrates seamlessly for 21CFR part 11 technical compliance.

Lambda 25 is suitable for routine UV/VIS applications, including liquids analysis, pharmacopeia and regulatory tests. Lambda 35 has been designed for measurements on liquids, solids, pastes and powder samples and pharmacopeia and regulatory tests requiring variable bandwidths. Lambda 45 is used for measurements on turbid and light-scattering liquid samples such as biological solutions and suspensions and in many other applications requiring low stray light performance.