LDP-CW 20-50 OEM

Laser Components now distributes the LDP-CW 20-50 OEM from PicoLas, an affordable, compact and efficient power supply for laser diodes of output power up to 1kW. The capability ranges from continuous output current to analogue modulated waveforms like sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular, while modulation is usually limited by the load inductance. Intended applications for the power supply include laser soldering, laser welding, and other generic direct diode surface treatment and entertainment laser applications.

The innovative current regulation concept of the LDP-CW 20-50 produces considerably less loss than the more commonly used linear regulation approach. As such, only one supply voltage is needed for the control logic and the power stage. The current consumption drawn from the power supply only needs to cover the average laser power and is typically much less than 20A.

The device is designed to shield laser diodes from damage, and features a number of protective safeguards, including current regulation, soft start, over-temperature shut-down, and protection against reverse currents.