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LedHUB LED Light Engine

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Omicron‘s new LedHUB LED Light Engine provides an innovative light source for science and research. The high-performance system can be equipped with one to six LED modules of many different wavelengths between 340nm and 940nm and offers fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 200KHz and digital modulation with a switching time of <2µs for each channel. The individual LED modules can easily be exchanged and added by the user. Hence the system can be adapted to individual application requirements.

With a direct and active temperature control of the LED chips it is possible to keep the power level and the emission spectra of the LED chips stable. This feature guarantees reliable and repeatable results in customer applications.

The light of the various high-power LEDs is combined within an ‘LedHUB’ by special optics and can be coupled efficiently into quartz glass fibres or liquid light guides. LEDs with up to 5W of optical output power can be used in the LedHUB systems.