Low-cost laser safety eyewear

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Pro-Lite Technology LLP has introduced LaserVision’s new low cost safety eyewear offering protection across the entire visible wavelength spectrum, making it of particular interest for those working with LEDs.

Due to the continually increasing light levels achievable, LEDs are now classified using the same criteria as lasers and are included in the safety standards BS EN 60825 and BS EN 207. Tested and certified to the relevant safety regulations and supplied with the required CE mark, LaserVision offers, in a single pair of eyewear, full protection from 315 to 1000nm. In addition to this it also offers alignment protection from 520 to 700nm to an R1 level in accordance with safety standard EN208 for those customers who wish to see a small amount of the LED light.

This filter is available in the popular Skyline frame style, which is both lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, offers an excellent field of view and is designed to fit over prescription glasses. Being a polycarbonate filter also makes this a very cost effective solution.For those wishing to have complete alignment protection across the range 400 to 700nm, LaserVision have a mineral glass filter which is grey in colour and covers this range to an R1 protection level.

This filter is available in both the ECO-7 and Protector frame styles. The ECO-7 frame style is a spectacle which is adjustable in both length and angle and has the Duo-Flex side pieces which allow a more comfortable fit and also prevents painful pressure when worn for extended periods. In addition to this the ECO-7 has the option to accept the clip-in RX insert. The RX insert is a small metal frame which is fitted with prescription lenses and can simply clip in and out of the ECO-7 frame. This allows it to be used by multiple users and is a practical alternative to goggles. The Protector is a goggle designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses. Using cleverly designed, angled vents allows the Protector to remain safe while allowing sufficient air flow to prevent the goggles from fogging up.