Micro-patterned optical coatings

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Since completing a multi-million dollar expansion and upgrade to its manufacturing facilities last year, PixelTeq has doubled its output of micro-patterned optical filters. 

PixelTeq micro-patterned optical coatings combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology. The company’s micro-patterned filters help create compact and cost-effective optical devices for use in biomedical, security and defence, aerospace, precision agriculture and machine vision applications.

PixelTeq’s technology enables patterning of multiple dielectric, metal and colour gel filter array coatings on a single substrate. Standardised processes are in place for patterning on glass and semiconductor wafers, which optimise PixelTeq’s processes to customer requirements and reduce time-to-market. The company’s capabilities can meet requirements from high accuracy, low volume devices to high volume consumer-type products.