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Piezosystem Jena has launched the new MIPOS 16, specifically designed for high-precision positioning of optical systems with an accuracy in the sub-nanometer range. The high resolution and fast response time of the MIPOS 16 offer new possibilities for interferometry.

Based on its design with a 158 mm aperture  and a stage height of 42 mm, the MIPOS 16-158  offers technical specifications matching the requirements of white light interferometry. In the field of 3D surface measurement, white light interferometry has become one of the most effective methods.

Piezoelectric actuators are able to significantly improve accuracy and speed due to their virtually unlimited resolution and fast response time. The MIPOS 16-158 can achieve a focus range up to 16µm and single step resolution of less than 0.1nm, while operating in a voltage range between 20  and 130 V.

The MIPOS 16-158 is made for integration into metrology set-ups and devices. The robust drive is equipped with a high resolution piezo based actuating system. The internal mechanical pre-load design enables the MIPOS to operate in high dynamic environments while settling time is reduced down to microseconds.