Cal Sensors has released the MIRA4 mid-infrared array in a quadrant format that includes four 1mm square PbSe detectors mounted in a single substrate. The detectors are available from Laser Components. Custom or standard narrow bandpass optical filters are attached to each of the four elements. The detector/filters are hermetically sealed into a compact industry standard TO-5 can with sapphire window. Other window materials can be used instead.

Sensitive in the 1-5µm wavelength region, the detector output after filter attenuation is dependant upon the applied bias to the detector, filter specifications, and temperature stability of the detector package. Crosstalk is minimised between optical channels to less than 0.5 per cent.

Compared to using four individual element detectors, MIRA4 can reduce sensor cost in a system by as much as 60 per cent. The compact and low power requirements of MIRA4 make it suitable for portable measurement equipment.

MIRA4 is well suited for use in a variety of applications including industrial and medical gas analysis, auto and aviation emissions analysis, underground applications such as mining tunnels and walkways, and general environmental monitoring such as smoke stacks and assembly lines.