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TheĀ  MK-350 spectro-radiometer was conceived by UPRtek as a cost-effective, mobile precision tool to measure, analyse and store important photometric parameters in the specification and qualification of LED, OLED and EL lamps and other luminaries. MK-350 is suited for field use in the light design of studios and workplaces, as well as in research and development. The distributor for central Europe is Saleslink, in Udenheim, Germany.

MK-350 is based on a 1nm linear CMOS sensor (receptor diameter 6.6mm) and an advanced spectroscopic architecture with embedded processor. Its spectral half-bandwidth is specified to approximately 12 nm. The extremely compact (144 mm x 78 mm x 24 mm) and lightweight (250 g) instrument operates on rechargeable battery power. It performs an automatic dark calibration every time it is switched on.

The MK-350 measurement results are instantly displayed in its 3.5-inch LCD colour screen (320 x 240 pixels), which also serves as a convenient touch control interface. MK-350 offers four basic operational modes: 'Basic' indicates the numeric value of the measured illuminance between 70 and 70,000 lux, the correlated colour temperature (CCT) in Kelvin, the standardised colour rendering index (CRI) expressed as Ra value (average of the first eight test colours) and the peak wavelength of the light source's radiated spectrum in nm.

In the second measuring mode, 'Spectrum', the MK-350 displays a detailed graph of the spectral energy distribution in the radiated wavelength bands (between 360 and 750 nm) according to the measurement distance. Integration time is adjusted automatically or manually between 8 and 1000 ms.