Mounts for laser optics

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Laser Components has introduced a new range of opto-mechanical benches and mounts for laser optics. The company now offers a wide range of holders and positioning systems for a variety of lenses, mirrors and polarisers.

The simple mounts are designed for very simple adjustment, and include adaptors, 45° mounts, standard, adjustable and self-centring holders, as well as precision polariser mounts. The mounts are designed for popular sizes ranging from 0.5 to 5-inch.

For a higher level of accuracy, the company also offers a wide variety kinematic or gimbal designed mounts. In a kinematic mount the pivotal point is on the outside of the optic, whereas on a gimbal mount this is found at the centre. These mounts are produced with a two or four axis adjustment and are suitable for optics of 0.5-2-inch diameter. The mounts are available as rectangular, standard enclosed, O type, high stability C type, rotary, beam steering sets.

Also available is a range of accessories including tables and rail systems, rods and post holders.