OmniCure AC Series air-cooled UV curing systems

Lumen Dynamics has introduced four high-power, air-cooled UV LED curing solutions now available in both 365nm and 395nm wavelengths. Designed to help address a range of UV applications, the new additions to the company's existing OmniCure AC Series provide manufacturers with the benefit of high throughput and low temperature curing for higher productivity with increased yields in the curing of adhesives and coatings.

The UV curing systems offer high optical efficiency in UV energy delivered to the curing surface. Manufacturers are able to maintain the highest irradiance at longer and custom working distances based on their specific UV process needs. The result is greater flexibility with the ability to achieve high throughput while reducing energy consumption.

The series is suitable for applications such as fibre coating, compact camera module assembly, film lamination, hearing aid assembly, lens bonding, as well as medical applications such as catheters, endoscopes and insulin pens.