The PulseLife Horizontal Arrays

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The PulseLife Horizontal Arrays from Coherent are a new series of diode laser packages that deliver high-power output while offering simplified water-cooling requirements. Using Coherent’s new PulseLife telecom-grade solder technology AAA (Aluminium-free Active Area) epitaxy, they are available in two-bar or three-bar linear arrays, with output powers of 80W and 120W, respectively, at 808nm. The use of Coherent’s all-new, macro-channel cooling architecture in these devices eliminates the corrosion problems that have plagued other diode laser cooling approaches; this new design enables the use of plain, filtered (less than 100µm) industrial cooling water, without the cost and complexity of a water-conditioned control system.

PulseLife Horizontal Arrays are primarily intended for solid-state laser pumping applications. The PulseLife’s compact size facilitates placement around the laser crystal within the resonator. Integration is further simplified because the laser bar heat sink is electrically isolated. PulseLife Horizontal Arrays also feature superior lifetime characteristics, with a mean time to failure (MTTF) of over 20,000 hours, further lowering their total cost of ownership.