QEOS Tilted Charge Dynamics

Quantum Electro Opto Systems has announced the launch of its first commercially available OEM/ODM products based upon its patented 'QEOS Tilted Charge Dynamics' high-speed technology.

The technology is for its new high-speed 'LEDs'. The technology enables the company to develop products of lower total power consumption, smaller size, and lower cost compared to traditional multi-gigabit short distance optical transmission products.

'It’s incredible to realise this technology features the world’s fastest LED, it’s 10 times faster than the traditional LEDs in the market,' said Gabriel Walter, CEO at QEOS.

'And the products we’re introducing are a fraction of the size, power, and cost of traditional laser-based products with the comparable functionality. With the transistor structure, various new integrated optical and electronic functions can be realised that are not possible with the existing optical technology.'