Replicated homogenisers and diffractive optical elements

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Anteryon is providing glass replicated homogenisers. The replicated refractive homogenisers create highly uniform beam profiles and eliminate hot spots with excellent efficiency.

By mixing proportions of the beam, Anteryon transforms undefined multimode laser light into well-defined homogeneous rectangular, square, hexagonal or circular shapes.

Anteryon’s cold replication technology creates (a)spherical lens structures through a cost effective process that can work for either low or high volumes to produce high-quality diffraction limited refractive micro-optical lenses.

Anteryon has also released a new series of diffractive optical elements (DOE’s).

DOE's are used to reduce the number of optical elements in a system, to correct chromatic aberrations, to construct complex beam shapes, while reducing weight and costs.

Anteryon’s DOE’s are mainly used for beam shaping (line-, pattern-, circle-, crosshair generation) and phase / wavefront correction. The main applications are in the field of biotechnology, printing, sensing, imaging and optical metrology.