RFID LensLine

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Trumpf has released its latest generation Trumpf LensLine sensor system containing an RFID lens. The LensLine is a standard feature on all TruLaser Series 3000 machines with CO2 laser.

The LensLine analyses the amount of contamination on the lens and informs the operator whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. This test can also be performed automatically at pre-defined intervals. The RFID chip attached to the lens records this data, and information such as the number of times the lens has been cleaned. The system cuts cleaning times by up to 40 per cent.

A traffic light system is used to display the results on the operating console; green = OK, yellow = cleaning recommended and red = cleaning or replacement necessary.

LensLine also detects signs of the thermal degradation process and responds within milliseconds by switching off the laser, to prevent the lens from overheating or starting to decompose.