RLK Series red laser

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Lasos has released its RLK Series red laser. The platform offers both single and multi-longitudinal mode products with power levels as high as 500mW. With typical M2 values <1.1, the products are available in collimated or fibre delivered configurations, including laboratory and OEM packages.

The product is particularly well suited for applications such as cytometry, where increased power levels help to maximise the quantum yield from existing fluorochromes. The single frequency version of the product, with a power level of 200mW and a spectral linewidth of less than 1MHz, has applications in holography, spectroscopy and life science instrumentation.

The dimensions of the product are 39 x 39 x 100mm. The Lasos Commander allows user control of the devices via USB or RS-232, and the platform can easily be combined with lasers in multi-wavelength light engines or beam-combined configurations.