Safety consulting

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Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) now offers comprehensive consulting on matters of laser safety and possible hazardous emissions. Competencies of LZH's Safety Technology group range from interpreting current regulations on pollution control and workplace and laser safety, to on-site hazard analyses and suggestions for suitable safety measures.

According to LZH, staff working with lasers should be better protected against severe health hazards, such as injuries to the skin and the eyes. Based on the European workplace safety guidelines, the ordinance on hazardous substances (GefStoffV) has become national regulation in Germany, alongside regulations mandating protection against artificial optical radiation (OStrV). In future, more emphasis will be placed on judging dangers, and the employer will be expected to take on more responsibility.

The group offers hazard analyses for existing laser material processing equipment, including measurements of the maximum permissible exposure (MPE, or threshold limit for laser irradiation according to appendix II of the guideline 2006/25/EG), as well as the threshold limit for accessible irradiation (GZS). Air samples from the workplace can be analysed, and the particulate pollution or exact composition of inorganic and organic components can be determined. The measurements consider all relevant regulations in Germany (TA-Luft, TRGS, VDI and DIN regulation), and can be measured on-site using mobile testing equipment.

Furthermore, the LZH offers a free laser safety data bank with more than 300 data cards detailing further hazards of laser exposure and pollution.