Sarf series

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Laser Components is providing the new Sarf series of Si-APDs for rangefinding systems based on the time-of-flight method (LIDAR). In the time-of-flight method, a 905nm pulsed laser diode emits a laser pulse that reflects off an object and is focused through an optic onto an APD chip.

In order to achieve an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, an external band-pass filter that blocks the surrounding light has to be mounted in front of the APD or the optic. In the new Sarf series, the filter is already integrated into the TO housing. The 230µm or 500µm APD chip is also optimised for 905nm light to provide the best performance possible at this wavelength.

The advantages are: cost reduction (as external filters are no longer necessary and additional assembly processes are reduced), smallest design, and optimum system characteristics at 905nm. The APD filter solution is available in a modified TO-46 and as a surface mount device (SMD) housing.