Senso Drive and SensoDrive- P

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Senso Optics has introduced the Senso Drive, a thermal camera for integration on top of a vehicle, and the SensoDrive- P, a periscopic thermal driver vision system for under armour driving capability.

Both systems are compliant with mil-std 810-F and are nitrogen-filled and sealed, to maintain image clarity under harsh operational conditions. Both are also equipped with Senso-Optics’ real time image processing algorithms that prevent glare by fire or heat radiant sources. They also both comprise of a military grade IR camera with a wide field of view that helps the driver maintain situational awareness.

In homeland security operations, the SensoDrive serves as the visual tool for the driver, enabling covert entrance into a danger zone, even in total darkness, allowing passage through fog, smoke and dust. 

The system is suitable for border control units, mobile special operations forces, as well as airport security and strategic infrastructure monitoring vehicles.

The Senso-Drive- P is a panoramic night driving system designed to fit small spaces of almost any armed vehicle. SensoDrive-P is effective for driving under armour in armoured-personnel-carriers, armoured-fighting-vehicles and tanks.