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SMA cables

Fiberguide's new line of high power mode stripping SMA cables include assemblies that operate above 150W with a 200µm core without the need for active water cooling.

Able to be used as diode laser pigtails in diode pumped solid state (DPSS) systems, the all-silica fibre cables can be used for high power laser welding, marking, cutting and drilling equipment. Fiberguide’s cables use a passive, air-cooled design to dissipate up to 25W of power from the cladding, to boost its power capacities up to 350W with cables that have a 400µm core. The company claims most similar products are unable to operate above 150W without active water cooling. To achieve this high temperature operation the cables have an epoxy-free cantilevered nose design isolating the fibre from the ferrule to prevent thermal and contamination problems. The fibre tips are also laser polished for maximum transmission.


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