SmartCut Plus

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The new Olympus SmartCut Plus is a compact standalone optical-based dissection instrument utilising a high-precision solid-state UV laser and is based on picosecond pulses, making it ideal for pathology and forensic medicine. It is fully integrated with the inverted Olympus CKX41 microscope.

The SmartCut Plus is designed for easy use in micromanipulation of both fixed and living cells, and is capable of isolating cells for molecular analyses. The advanced picosecond laser is controlled by intuitive software which enables cells and components to be identified, marked and extracted without any extensive homogenisation or isolation procedures. The optional touch-screen and pen allow users to draw around multiple targets.

The maintenance-free solid-state, diode-pumped 355nm UVa laser ensures complete stability and provides exceptional cutting accuracy, as it is focused to a beam spot size of less than 1µm. Specimens are mounted on a special membrane-covered frame and a standard glass slide placed below. This sandwich protects the sample and the target area against impurities in the environment.

Micro-dissected samples are cleanly removed by a specially adapted microcentrifuge tube, to recover the target without directly touching it. A further enhanced function of the SmartCut Plus is the automatic storage of all data relevant to a session.