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Newport’s Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has introduced its new Solstice one-box ultrafast amplifier. It has an output average power of more than 2.5W at 1 or 5kHz, high contrast pulses of less than 100fs, and a high quality beam (M2<1.3). This innovative, rugged laser system delivers hands-free, cutting-edge performance and stable operation for a wide range of applications in both scientific research and industrial environments.

The Solstice makes use of the Spectra-Physics Mai Tai ultrafast oscillator and the Empower pump source. The amplifier module uses the same Eternalign optical mounts used throughout Newport’s industrial lasers. By extending these industrial quality elements throughout the entire unit, the system delivers excellent optical performance and stability.

Its high output power enables researchers to easily split the Solstice’s beam into several parts for applications such as multi-colour pump probe experiments. The high average power also ensures maximum throughput in industrial applications such as micromachining.


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