SRRF-Stream for EMCCD cameras

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Andor Technology has made super resolution microscopy technology available on its single-photon sensitive iXon EMCCD cameras.

SRRF-Stream unlocks real-time super resolution fluorescence microscopy on most modern microscopes, using conventional fluorophores at low illumination intensities, thus making it highly compatible with live cell imaging. A resolution improvement from two- to six-fold (50-150nm final resolution) can be expected for most datasets.

Andor has enhanced the SRRF technology to run optimally on iXon EMCCD cameras, improving the SRRF algorithm execution speed by up to 30 times compared to the existing ImageJ-based post processing implementation of SRRF. This significant acceleration enables workflow enhancement by allowing data acquisition and SRRF processing to operate in parallel.

SRRF-Stream can now accomplish large field of view, real-time super resolution images. An EMCCD full field of view, super-resolved image can be generated at a rate of 1Hz, and up to 10Hz through use of smaller region of interest sizes.

SRRF-Stream is readily available to SDK users and has also been made compatible with the MicroManager (Open Imaging) open source microscopy software platform.