ST60 thermopile detector

Laser Components has released the ST60 high temperature silicon-based thermopile detector. It is a single-channel silicon-based thermopile that will withstand operating temperatures of 225°C, with a small active area of 0.61 x 0.61mm in a TO-5 package.

The reduced height package functions as an internal aperture. Two thermistor options provide ambient package temperature measurement. This is currently only available with 8-14um silicon window. Time constant of 18ms with nitrogen encapsulation gas delivers a low temperature coefficient of responsivity of -0.4 per cent degrees Celsius. This detector has a very short thermal shock response to ambient temperature change.

The ST60R version offers a low-cost (20 per cent tolerance) poly-silicon resistor to be used as a PTC thermistor. Package hole size options precisely define the active area for applications with FOV and/or spot size requirements.

The detector is excellent for non-contact temperature measurement and fire detection/suppression in extreme heat environments.