SYS 25 beam handling system

Owis has introduced its SYS 25 beam handling system, featuring an optical axis of 25mm. This product group contains precisely manufactured rails, slides and optic holders, and is going to be continuously extended by the company. Basic optical mounts, mirror mounts, transmission mounts, and cubes (with corresponding inserts for any adjustment requirements) are all included in the company's product range. Optics are available in dimensions from 3/8-inch up to 0.5-inch.

Owis claims to be the first company on the market providing slides and set-up mounts with a defined optical height for a micro system kit as separate components. With the SYS 25, Owis meets the challenge of the growing miniaturisation for complex laser applications. Thus, laser manufacturers and medical technicians can now use the precise optical components from Owis for very small setups, too. The new system kit SYS 25 will be available with a lot of components such as the proven SYS 40. The easy handling of the SYS 25 permits fast assembly of beam paths, and the components are available in non-magnetic as well as in vacuum-prepared versions.