T165 Laser Pulser

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The T165 Laser Pulser incorporates an edge triggered pulse generator with 150ps nominal rise and fall times into a butterfly or TO-packaged laser.

The 2 x 2 inch design connects directly to standard 0.1 inch pin-pitch butterfly laser packages, making it ideal for OEM use in laser systems. Laser current, bias, and pulse widths are settable with onboard trimpots or by external analogue inputs.

Built-in edge-triggered pulse generator is adjustable from 200ps to 2ns. Pulsed laser current is adjustable up to 750mA, with heat sinking required above 400mA.

Power is supplied via standard 5V micro-USB power supply or through ribbon cable interface connector. Optional TTL or LVDS/PECL/CML trigger. Optional spring sockets for non-butterfly laser packages. The T165 is the first in Highland’s expanding line of OEM laser drivers.