TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier

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Laser 2000 has introduced the TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier manufactured by New Focus. The TA-7600 is capable of faithfully amplifying tunable single-frequency light produced by external cavity diode lasers, or other light sources of appropriate wavelength.

The New Focus engineering team aimed to design reliability and ease of use into the TA-7600, as well as performance. Fibre-coupling input ensures fast, easy, and reliable alignment. Active input power monitoring ensures that self-lasing won't damage the tapered amplifier chip. A power lock loop monitors and levels the output power to provide quiet, low-drift output all day long, even when the laboratory environment changes. A simple USB driven GUI provides all the control you need and for a limited time, we are including a WiFi-enabled iPod Touch that also controls your TA-7600 in a convenient and fun way.

When seeded with a low-ASE source such as the Vortex II or Velocity lasers, the TA-7600 faithfully reproduces the narrow linewidth and high contrast ratio. The TA-7600 will also accept other seed sources, including many home-made ECDLs.