TF series mini-spectrometer

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Hamamatsu Photonics has launched the C13555MA mini spectrometer, along with the new S13360-VE series of Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) for colour measurement applications.


The USB-powered C13555MA mini spectrometer contains optical elements, a driver circuit and a built-in high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. The 512 pixel CMOS sensor features low power consumption whilst retaining the sensitivity of a CCD; the trigger function within the device can be used for spectroscopic measurement of pulse emissions.

Spectrum data can be easily acquired and then transferred to a PC using the USB connection and an optical fibre to guide the measured light. Free evaluation software is also included with the device and customers can use the disclosed DLL function specifications to design their own measurement programs.

The company's new S13360-VE series of MPPCs incorporate through-hole electrodes called TSV (through-silicon via). This process optimises the available space between the sensitive area and the package edge (0.2mm on the four sides), allowing for a four-sided buttable arrangement.


The VE series is available with photosensitive areas of 2 x 2mm, 3 x 3mm and 6 x 6mm, each with a 50μm pixel pitch. Compared to previous MPPCs, crosstalk has been reduced, and crosstalk occurrences have been reduced from 44 per cent to just three per cent, with minimal after pulsing effects. In addition, the dark count has been dramatically reduced, compared to previous detectors, to 0.5Mcps.


The S13360-VE series is optimised for a variety of applications, particularly those involving very low light-level detection. Other example applications include high-energy particle detection and medical imaging.