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Ocean Optics has launched a next-generation, miniature fibre optic spectrometer. The USB4000 replaces the USB2000. Small enough to be held in the palm of a hand, it features a 3648 element linear CCD array for substantially increased signal-to-noise and enhanced 16-bit electronics for controlling the spectrometer and accessories.

With a choice of 14 gratings and six slits, the USB4000 can be configured for thousands of absorbance, reflection and emission applications. It features five triggering options, is responsive from 200-1100nm and has an integration time as short as 10ms, enabling the measurement of transient events such as laser pulses.

The USB4000’s onboard, programmable microcontroller provides considerable flexibility in controlling the spectrometer and accessories. A 22-pin connector enables integration of all operating parameters in the software and additional functions such as light source control and external device triggering. There are eight user-programmable digital in/outs for controlling peripheral devices.

The USB4000 interfaces to a PC, PLC or other embedded controller via USB 2.0 or RS-232 serial port. Data unique to each spectrometer is programmed into a memory chip which Ocean Optics’ SpectraSuite software reads for simple set-up and hot swapping among PCs.