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HGH has developed a new panoramic infrared vision system, VIGISCAN11. This infrared sensor has been designed for surveillance of security perimeters, such as refineries, power plants, airports, military bases and so on. VIGISCAN11 includes a sensor head rotating continuously at 1 round/sec for 360° azimuth coverage. The ultra wide panoramic field of view (360°Hx20°V) and continuous monitoring ensure that no event is missed in extremely large areas in total darkness or fog. Dedicated software enables high quality panoramic images to be displayed in real time, as well as zooming selected zones and giving automatic alarms on intrusion or scenery changes.

Unlike standard systems, the operator does not need to orientate the camera manually, as the Vigiscan11 provides an instant global overview of the security perimeter. Thanks to its high thermal sensitivity, Vigiscan11 enables the detection of a human being up to 1km away.