Xantos XS

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Coherent has introduced the Xantos XS, a self-contained excimer laser that features dramatically simplified installation. It contains an internal gas compartment, consisting of a pre-mixed laser gas bottle and all necessary gas supply equipment for laser operation.

This design enables automated gas re-filling without external gas and vacuum lines, and meets all international gas handling and safety standards. In addition, the Xantos XS operates from a single-phase power source and requires no water cooling, so it can be moved without the need for a specialised support infrastructure.

The laser is available at all fluoride wavelengths – 157nm, 193nm, 248nm, and 351nm – and delivers moderate pulse energies at repetition rates up to 500Hz. It has long tube lifetime, high reliability, and long gas lifetimes, providing very low cost of ownership with greater flexibility and improved ease of use.

With a beam cross-section of 6 x 3mm and excellent beam uniformity, the laser output can be used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.