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Catch-up Webinar: An Overview of Cylindrical Laser Processing Machines Used in Medical Manufacturing

Aerotech Tube Cutting

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This webinar aims to provide an overview of the production laser processing machines used in a variety of medical devices crafted from tubular stock. The scope encompasses an array of critical medical instruments such as those used in structural heart, coronary, neurovascular, peripheral vascular interventions, as well as minimally invasive surgeries. The webinar's focal point revolves around offering participants an insightful exploration into the intricate subsystems embedded within cutting-edge laser machinery available in the present day.

Beyond offering concise summaries of these pivotal subsystems, the presentation endeavors to equip attendees with invaluable insights on optimizing the potential of such equipment for the meticulous fabrication of precision medical products.


Travis Schneider
Business development manager for advanced manufacturing, Aerotech 

Travis Schneider

Travis Schneider is Aerotech’s business development manager for advanced manufacturing market segments, including electronics manufacturing, laser processing, medical technology, data storage and precision manufacturing. He has 13+ years of experience in precision automation and robotics, holding roles in applications engineering, field sales, product management and business development.

He has worked alongside several leading medical instrument builders, medical device OEMs, and surgical robotic companies to develop and release products to the market. Travis earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. His expertise and passion for innovation make him an invaluable resource for partners seeking to push boundaries in precision automation for advanced manufacturing.


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