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Webinar: Silicon optics with large sag for anamorphic beam-shaping

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In this webinar Focuslight reveals how it has expanded its unique structuring capabilities to the mm-scale in silicon, enabling record-breaking silicon lenses. Freeform acylindrical lenses or arrays act on each optical axis separately, creating anamorphic beam-shaping solutions.

Who should attend?

Members of the smart innovative infrared community, in particular those looking to create products that have historically been difficult to produce using classical lithographical technologies, such as deep-sag decentered lenses, blazed gratings, chirped arrays or integrated prisms.

Key features

  • Silicon: High IR transmission
  • High refractive index (n=3.4)
  • Free-form shape in one direction: asymmetric, decentered lenses, arrays & prisms
  • Large sag, wide exit angles
  • Polished surfaces
  • In-house coating with R<0.2%


  • Detection and beam-shaping of IR light/energy
  • High transmission efficiency for compact sensor applications
  • Telecom & direct photonic integration

Daniel Braam
Head of Product Line Management, Laser Optics Business Unit at Focuslight

Dr. Daniel Braam has been Head of Product Line Management for micro-optics at Focuslight Laser Optics Business Unit since 2018. He studied physics and received his PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen in the field of optics and nano-structures. He has contributed to over a dozen publications for high-impact journals.

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