White Papers

06 March 2012

We report measurements of dynamic (ac) electrical conductivity in borosilicate glasses doped with the semiconductors CdSxSe1-x and AgI in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures. The concentrations of homogenously dissolved dopants are governed by the heat treatment conditions of the glass samples leading to a creation of CdSSe and AgI nanocrystals. The ac conductivity rises with increasing average size of the CdSSe nanocrystals, in contrast to the case of the metal halide doped borosilicate glasses.

01 September 2011

Thermal imaging cameras allow researchers to not only see volcanic heat, but also to get non contact temperature readings from a safe distance, which keeps the researchers out of harm’s way.

03 June 2011

Carbon fibre reinforced materials in bikes checked with pulse thermography.

06 March 2011

The id210 is the first photon counter for telecom wavelengths that works at frequencies up to 100MHz, can also operate in free running mode, and does not require cryogenic cooling.

03 February 2011

This paper introduces and demonstrates the technique of 'superframing'. The technique of superframing consists of varying the exposure, or integration time of a thermal imaging camera from frame to frame in a cyclic manner and combining the resulting subframes into single superframes with greatly extended temperature ranges, thereby allowing the user to visualize scenes featuring wide temperature differences.