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Armadillo SIA introduces radiation-resistant, silica UV NSS optical fibres

Armadillo SIA, a global provider of specialised optical fibres, sub-assemblies, and hybrid photonic solutions, has introduced the Optran UV NSS Fiber, specially designed to provide excellent deep-UV (ultraviolet) solarisation resistance.

The new optical fibre features a hermetic carbon layer, very low numerical aperture (NA) expansion, and superior optical stability while operating in the UVC spectral range and beyond, from 190nm to 1,200nm.

The high solarisation-resistance fibres are a great solution for semiconductor technology, laser delivery systems, spectroscopy, medical technology and diagnostics. 

The UV NSS optical fibres are available in any NA value from 0.12 to 0.30 and can be customised upon request. Core diameters are available from 90µm to 1,000µm. Comprised of biocompatible materials, the operating temperature range of the Silica/Silica optical fibres is -190 to +150°C. For additional technical data, please download the specifications here

Armadillo SIA will showcase the Optran UV NSS during SPIE Photonics + Optics, August 23 – 25, 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center in booth #428. 

The company will also present a technical paper highlighting the technology and manufacturing process behind the new radiation-resistant UV fibres. The presentation is scheduled for August 21, 2022, 1:45 – 2:05 PM PDT in the San Diego Convention Center, Room 17B.

“We are extremely excited to announce this new product and our enhanced radiation-resistance technology," notes Armadillo SIA’s business development manager, Mario Paredes. "The findings of our study are providing new strategies to optimize the production of optically transparent all-silica fibres for various spectral regions. With this newest data, Armadillo SIA is providing the opportunity for further developments in UV lasers, diagnostics of thermonuclear fusion reactors, and astronautics possible. We are delighted to premiere our new UV NSS product in our booth #428 at Optics + Photonics in San Diego. We invite you to stop by.” 


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