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CrayoNano's upgraded UV-C LED lasts 5-10 years in water disinfection systems

CrayoNano has improved the performance of its CrayoLED H-series UV-C LED. Entering the class of 100mW, 5% wall-plug efficiency at a standard operating current of 350mA, this reliable and long-lasting LED is well-suited to disinfection applications. It can effectively inactivate bacteria, viruses, and other illness-inducing pathogens in a relatively short amount of time, improving system efficiency and future disinfection automation.

CrayoLED’s improved wall plug efficiency means the LED is more energy-efficient and generates less heat, resulting in a longer lifetime. It has an L70, TM-21 extrapolated lifetime of more than 10,000 hours at 350mA, a defining industry-required standard. 

In commercial and residential Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) water disinfection systems, the LED would have an effective lifespan of up to 5-10 years. These systems typically use UV-C LEDs for several minutes per operation cycle, for a total annual usage of approximately 1,000-2,000 hours.


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