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Atria OCT swept source

Thorlabs has expanded its swept source OCT (SS-OCT) offering with the release of Atria systems centred at 1,060nm. These new systems, which integrate Thorlabs’ mems-vcsel sweptwavelength technology, are available in 60kHz (ATR206C1) and 200kHz (ATR220C1) variants, including a version with a 20mm imaging depth.

The 1,060nm options offer the same low roll-off and high sensitivity performance found in the well-established Vega swept source OCT series. Also like the Vega series, the Atria’s mems-vcsel swept source and imaging module are packaged into a single housing, with the latter incorporating the scanning electronics and an interferometer with a balanced detector. Several key hardware controls can be adjusted using ThorImageOCT software, such as polarisation controllers, sensor gain, reference arm length and intensity.

All Thorlabs OCT systems are shipped with a high-performance computer, preinstalled with the new ThorImageOCT 5.4 image acquisition software, and a user-programmable Thorlabs OCT SDK. To allow for custom data analysis, the user also has access to the raw data. 


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