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DOE Tuner Module

To facilitate integration of its diffractive optical element (DOE) products, Holo/Or has developed the new DOE Tuner, a variable 0.8X-1.2X zoom module that can be used to fine-tune the laser beam of micromachining applications before or after the DOE.

Possible uses include: adjusting the diameter of an input beam or the shape size for top hat beam shapers; changing the separation between spots in beam splitters; and tuning spot sizes at the focal plane.

The DOE tuner is a compact, 15cm-long module with standard C-mount adapters, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. It can support up to 7mm input beams at max magnification and is currently offered as a standard item for 355nm, 532nm and 1,064nm wavelengths, while being easily customisable to fit other wavelengths.


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