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Fergie 532nm Raman accessories

Princeton Instruments has released a set of 532nm Raman accessories for its easy-to-use, aberration-free Fergie spectrometer. The new accessories include f-matched Focusing Cubes as well as Raman Cubes with fully aligned Raman notches and clean-up filters.

Raman measurements at 532nm offer better sensitivity with a higher Raman cross-section compared to Raman measurements at 785nm or longer wavelengths. The 532nm excitation wavelength also delivers higher spatial resolution for Raman microscopy measurements, making it ideal for carbon materials, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, and other thin-film material characterisation. In contrast, the 785nm excitation wavelength is preferred for organic and biological samples that have background fluorescence. Fergie is an ideal choice for both 532nm and 785nm Raman applications.


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