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Inductive sensors with Teflon coating

Wenglor has introduced new inductive sensors with switching distances of up to 50mm, magnetic field resistance of 200mT and a correction factor of 1. A total of eight new welding-field resistant models with four housing designs are available, offering impressive performance for the detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The sensors always have the same switching distance, even for different metals. Their Teflon coating increases their ability to be used in welding equipment where deposits resulting from welding spatter often have a negative effect on sensor performance. The extended temperature range of -40°C to +80°C also permits use in very cold or very hot environments. The new inductive sensors are also resistant to DC and AC electromagnetic fields with strengths of up to 200mT.

The large switching distances of 4mm-50mm and high switching frequencies of 1,500Hz-4,200Hz ensure impressive performance and thus permit the sensors’ use in high-speed applications. Furthermore, all four housing designs (M12, M18, M30 and 40mm x 40mm) are available as flush and non-flush mounting variants.


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