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Infrared Zoom Camera for precise temperature measurements

Smaller, lighter and without time-consuming lens changes – this is how InfraTec's latest infrared camera comes across: ImageIR 6300 Z. The compact zoom camera for precise thermographic temperature measurements is suitable for numerous fields of application. Its excellent price-performance ratio and its remarkable user-friendliness result from the consistent use of innovative technologies in optics, detector and electronics.

The ImageIR 6300 Z is equipped with an integrated 7.5x zoom lens as standard and allows, in combination with its motorised focus, fast and stepless adjustment to a wide range of object distances and lens sizes with excellent image quality and high measurement accuracy. Furthermore, the zoom camera is radiometrically calibrated over the entire focal length range, thus enabling extremely flexible use.

The heart of the infrared camera is the new SWaP camera core. It consists of a cooled MWIR focal plane array photon detector with innovative XBn (HOT) technology in the format of (640 × 512) IR pixels, designed for demanding requirements and operating in snapshot mode. 

The XBn detector material with higher operating temperatures (HOT) of 150 K allows the use of a new linear cooler generation, which is characterised in particular by a substantial smaller design, lower power consumption and long service life. This – in combination with a very small pixel pitch of 10 µm – reduces the dimensions and weight of the ImageIR® 6300 Z and significantly extends its maintenance-free service life.

The maximum IR frame rate of 180 Hz can be increased up to 600 Hz with the binning function in high-speed mode. Switching between the two speed modes is conveniently done via software and allows precise metrological tracking of fast thermal processes.


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