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Laser Components offers new conversion screens for high-power applications

New to Laser Components’ comprehensive range of conversion screens are the LDT-1.5-5 and LDT-5-20, which together cover the range 1.5-20µm for high-power applications. Both cards are available in both low and high-power versions with the low-power versions featuring two separate power levels covering the range 0.2W/cm2 to 8W/cm2

The high-power versions of these cards also feature two different methods of operation for power densities up to approximately 120W/cm2. For powers at the low end of the range, the traditional ‘reflection’ method is used where the active area is directly exposed to the laser radiation.

For higher power densities, the user may expose the reverse of the card using the ‘transmission’ method making the card suitable for higher power densities. Conversion screens are held in stock and are available for immediate delivery.


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