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LucidShape CAA V5 software for automotive lighting design

Synopsys has released LucidShape CAA V5 software,which allows designers to perform optical simulations and analyses of automotive lighting products within the CATIA V5 environment. LucidShape enables designers to conceptualise and explore design solutions for automotive lighting to meet aesthetic and functional requirements.

The LucidShape Surface Sensor feature supports accurate analyses of illuminance and irradiance on curved surfaces. This feature enables designers to evaluate performance or curved lamp components, such as those used in interior ambient illumination, light guide surfaces, and stylised headlamps and tail lamps.

Other features include Ray Result Filtering by Surface. A new surface result filter allows designers to filter the rays recorded on a sensor based on their interactions with specified surfaces. Furthermore, the light guide design module saves designers time with illumination optimisation features that automatically design light guides and their extraction features.


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