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Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives

Edmund Optics is now offering new Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives. These silicone immersion objectives are ideal for use in a wide variety of digital imaging applications, including high-resolution observations deep within living tissue.

Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives provide high sensitivity to fluorescense emissions. This results in very clear images that do not contain colour shift. The objectives correct for spherical and chromatic aberrations for the visible and NIR spectra. Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives feature extremely high numerical apertures for excellent optical resolution and high performance.

RoHS-compliant Olympus Super Apochromatic Objectives are available in five models, with magnifications ranging from 4X to 60X. The objectives have a field number of 26.5 and focal lengths ranging from 3mm to 45mm. All optical elements in the objectives feature anti-reflective coatings for increased transmission through the lens.


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