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UniKLasers introduces DPSS CW UV laser system

Following our move into new premises, and our recent expansion in staff and production capacity, we are delighted to announce our first new product release of the year; the Duetto 349 CW Single Frequency UV Laser System.

The world’s first DPSS CW UV laser system operating with single frequency at 349 nm.

The Duetto 349 has all the characteristics that make our Lasers Series unique; high power output at ultra-narrow linewidth, unrivalled spectral and power stability, and exceptionally low noise - all produced from a small footprint.
Laser systems operating as CW within the UV range are increasingly important for a number of applications – including; Semiconductors, Wafer Fabrication, Lithography, Raman Spectroscopy, Brillouin Scattering, Flow Cytometry, Optical Manipulation, Interferometry, Confocal Microscopy, Biomedical/Bioengineering, Fluorescence, Disc Mastering, Diffraction Grating Mastering, High Precision Optics, and more!
With 50mW output power and ongoing service and support provided via our remote software package – allowing us to continue to assist and engage with our users around the world during this time of limited travel – the Duetto 349 Laser is well suited to both academic research and industrial processes, either as a stand-alone component or integrated into existing systems.


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